"A picture is worth a thousand words." Arthur Brisbane

Born in Clervaux, Luxembourg, in 1975, I studied photography at the Institut Superieur des Beaux-arts Saint-Luc in Liege, where I gained my qualification in photography in 2000. I initially started working as an assistant photographer in the fashion domain, then as a photographer in an advertising agency, where I was working in image editing a lot.

In 2007 I established myself as a freelance photographer here in Luxembourg. I gained experience in many spheres such as wedding, people and architectural photography. It is the interpersonal nature of taking photographs of people which draws me to this discipline the most. I like to attempt to convey someone's personality, or at least give a glimpse of their personality through a picture. Architectural photography combines the use of light, space and material to capture the beauty of the static. These two spheres complement each other perfectly, rendering my work versatile and diverse.

Alongside this, I gained a lot of experience in the reportage and wedding photography. Weddings are such an intimate moment between two people, which I thoroughly enjoy capturing. If you would like to see examples of my wedding photography, please visit http://pix.sandy.lu. I specialize in luxurious wedding photography books, putting all my effort into making your photos into a magnificent work of art.

As an independent photographer, I like to take my time to meet the demands and wishes of my clients to deliver the best possible work, so do not hesitate to contact me for further information.